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January 5, 2010
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Hello, my name is Henry Lowrimore. I have been a Beekeeper since 1988. I live in Georgetown, South Carolina. In 2010 I started a small business called Lowrimore Apiaries (BEEKEEPING)
August 9, 2012 
When I retire in 2014 I want to be well established among my family, co-workers, friends, and others into more neighborhoods and counties. I will provide personal service with commitment and respect to all my customers.
Today my services are Swarm Removal, Bee Hive Cutouts (can take a whole day), Bee Trap Outs (takes 3 or more trips). raw honey, Italian Queen bees
I sell raw honey, and 5 frame nucs, Italian Queen bees

LOWRIMORE APIARIES, the name you can trust!

Franklin "Henry" Lowrimore
1353 Harbor Street
Georgetown, South Carolina 29440
Home: 843-527-2093
Cell:  843-485-1944

April 23,2014    
 I am now grafting and raising Italian queens. They are from Breeder Queens from Joe Latshaw .These queens are open yard mated with drones from my 26 year old apiary.  I am now retired after 33 years of service in Operations with Santee Cooper-Winyah Generating Station.

September 23 2014
Taking Orders now for 2015.
I will have marked Queens for sale around April 6, 2015 for $25.00 each. (Dates controlled by weather)
5 frame deep nucs for sale around June 1, 2015. $120.00 your box or $150.00 with my nuc box. (Dates controlled by weather)  

I want to thank all of you for your business.

February 12, 2016 - I am sold out of 2016 Queens and 5 frame nucs. May you and your hives be blessed and prosper in 2016.  
August 14, 2017- I am looking forward to 2018 and will have  mated queens from new 2017 Golden Italian Breeder Queen from Joe Latshaw for sale.                                                                                                                                                                                     
Taking orders for 2019  5 frame nuc $130.00 your box or $160.00 with my box. 2019 marked mated Italian Queens $25.00 each plus shipping.
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